Monday, April 20, 2009

Late for curfew

This week I was late for curfew three times. My step-dad finnaly had enough. On friday night, when i was late the third time, he saidd on saturday i would get my spanking. so on saturday he woke me up a 5:45am. he said "since you were late three times for curfew, you are going to get three hours of spanking. when i got downstairs, he was already in our "spanking chair". he told me to "come here, and take off all your clothes." when i did he told be to "bend over and get ready for what was coming" First of all he spanked my bare butt with his hand for thirty minutes. while he was spankig me with his hand my 14yr. old brother wakes up and comes downstairs to watch my spanking. after the thirty min. was up, he told me to go get the paddle. he spanked with with the paddle for thirty min. also. my brother was over on the couch watching in excitement to see his 16yr sister being spanked naked. after thirty min. with the paddle, my dad spanks me with the dreaded hairbrush. also for thirty min. right now i was in so much pain i was crying so hard. after the hairbrush, my dad took a ten min. break. while on the break i had to get up and stand in the corner. because my brother was in the room, i was a little embarrassed to get up, since i was naked. after the ten min. break, i was told to bend over the arm of the couch. my brother had a perfect view of everything. my dad starts spanking me with the belt. i hate the belt. i had thirty min. of the belt, cane, and riding crop. after the spanking was all done. i was to stand in the corner for an hour. i was not allowed to rub my recently spanked behind. but while i was standing in the corner, my dad was asking why my brother was downstairs. he was not told he could come down and watch. he was told to take down his pants and boxers. he got spanked with the hairbrush for 20 min. he was also told to go stand in the corner. after my hour in the corner, i was allowed to put my bra and shirt on. in my house the rule is, when you are spanked you are not allowed to wear your pants the rest of the day. since it was 10:00am dad allowed me to wear a thong the rest of the day. my brother, on the other hand, was not so lucky. he had to go aroung all day with only a shirt on. i could not sit that whole day. well, i still can't sit today. i have totally learned my lesson. i will never be late for curfew again. or at least don't get caught. and my brother will never come watch his naked sister get spanked for three hours again. i hope next time i get spanke (if i ever get spanked again) it will not be infront of my brother.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My otk spanking

Today i was really bad in school. i cheated on a test. my principal found out and he was mad. he decided that my punishment was going to be a over-the-knee spanking. i know it sounds bad.....but wait. not only was it otk.. i was bare-bottomed. he put me over his knee and first spanked me with his bare hand. then he got a paddle from his drawer, and spanked me with that. then after i thought i was he had more in store. he made me strip all my clothes off, and he got a cane from his desk. he gave me ten hard strokes with the cane. after that he rubbed my red little bottom and let me go. but the story is not over yet...................... he called my dad (who is really strict) and i was sent home. my dad decided i needed another spanking. bare-bottomed and otk. he used my brush. and it hurt like crazy. he spanked me for twenty minutes. then he said i would have a daily spanking for two weeks. 30 min. long.........EACH. and i am grounded for 2 weeks.
All for just cheating on a test. next time i will think twice before cheating on another test.
My bottom hurts so bad. just two more weeks of 30min spankings a day. yeah!